"Just like a circus..."

I had a pretty relaxing, non-studying weekend, which was nice. Friday night, Mase and I went and got some sushi to-go from our fav sushi spot and drank wine and watched as the rain came pouring down outside. Then on Saturday, Mason surprised me with tickets to go see the Circus!! Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey are in town this week showcasing "the Greatest Show on Earth" at American Airlines Center. Mason hadn't been to the circus since he was young and thought it would be a good change of pace from our typical bar-hopping, beer-guzzling weekends! For the most part it was entertaining, though at times a little cheesy and more geared for the kiddos. I was telling Mase that they should do "adult" nights at the circus where they cut down on the goofy clown acts and do some more risque entertainment. If this teaching thing doesn't work out I'll think about joining the circus so I can give them my two cents! ;)

Aside from the clowns, there were some pretty amazing acts. I always love watching the trapeeze artists and the contortionists, but I really enjoyed the animals the most. It is still mind boggleing how they can train wild animals like tigers and elephants! All in all it was a nice, wholesome night spent under the big top! :)

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  1. I havn't been to the circus in forever...I love it, except for the clowns...they freak me out! Adult night would be fun...they could serve circus theme cocktails!