I want, I want, I want! - part 2

I was out for a run on the Katy Trail this morning, when all of a sudden I saw this little guyhanging out on one of the bridges. (Ok, so not this exact cat, but pretty close...) It was all I could do not to stuff him in my sports bra and run him straight back to my apartment!! Plus there were other people nearby, and I didn't need them tipping off the Katy Trail bike police that there was a crazy, cat woman on the loose! When I got home I texted Mason about my furry encounter and he told me I should have brought him home! Umm, hello... I so would have if I would have known that you would have in any way been agreeable to the idea. Anywho, so we agreed, through a text message (which is legally binding, of course) that when I get a teaching job we can get a kitty! Yippee Skippee!! :) Who knows... it may be a year before we bring home a sweet, furry bundle of joy, but I am glad that it is at least a possibility! Yay! :)


  1. aw, cute
    i'm a dog person but i don't mind cats....my roomie years ago had one and it lived at my house...it was a very naughty kitty!
    i hope yours is an angel :)

  2. Yay! You need a pet! They're so loving.