Dancing Backup for Beyonce

Last night, I took a little journey to the gym. I had used studying as an excuse for far too long as a perfectly good reason NOT to work out. Well, I was out of excuses. So after work, I changed into my gym clothes and made the short, yet painful drive to the gym. I wanted to go to the step aerobics class being held at 5:45, because to ease myself back into the ol' fitness routine I need a group class with an instructor to hold me accountable for working out for an entire hour. I know, I know...step aerobics is sooo 80's, but I LOVE it. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I used to dance during high school and step is about as close as I can get to choreographed routines these days.

Anyway, I got to the gym a little early, went to the classroom and started putting together my step when a 24 hour fitness employee came in to tell me that step class had been cancelled because the instructor had pulled his back. Grrrrr! Are you telling me that I got ready and drove all the way up here sans iPOD (bc I thought I'd be taking a class) and now it's CANCELLED?!?!? I can not work out w/o an iPOD. It'd be like eating soup without a spoon - it's possible, but it's not pleasant. To try and appease me the 24 hour employee said that at 6:00 a girl was going to come in and teach a hip hop class instead, so I could stay for that if I wanted. Well I'm not a fan of last minute change of plans, but I decided to try it out and diddle daddled around the gym (mainly just looking at the shiny equipment) until 6pm rolled around.

I am soo glad that I stayed. The girl who taught hip hop was really good and I liked it so much that I stayed for the 7 o'clock hip hop class that she was teaching as well. She taught us the dance to Beyonce's "Single Ladies"! So much fun!! My dreaded trip to the gym turned into a really fun 2 hour workout/dance session! Such a good start to the week - and of course I couldn't wait to get home to show Mason that "if he liked it then he shoulda putta ring on it!" :)

Here's the Beyonce "Single Ladies" video. We didn't learn this exact dance, but a similar version:


  1. That sounds like it was fun. I bet you're glad that studying is over. I hope you eventually find a teaching job.

    I've had my excuses too for not working out. I messed up my Ipod and it's total torture to go now!

  2. That does sound like fun! Would you mind e-mailing me and telling me which 24 hour fitness you found this class at (I'm in Dallas too!)? I'm always looking for a new ways to actually get my lazy booty to the gym! adventuresinnewlywed@hotmail.com

  3. sounds like a fun workout!
    i can't dance for the life of me, ha!
    i've also been putting the gym off for a while now....i did the 30 day shdred yesterday as a warm up and today i'm hittin up the gym. i finally have some motivation.