Throwback Thursday

I was out for a jog the other day, jamming out to some of the tunes playing on my iPOD and one great song after another kept coming on. These were the kind of songs that just make me want to snap my fingers, sing aloud at the top of my lungs, and put a little skip in my step. Don't worry... I did not make a spectacle of my self out on Katy Trail, but it got me to thinking... Man, I LOVE 90's music. Not just love, I mean grab your hairbrush microphone and bust out the Macarena love! ;) It was during this epiphany that I decided on a new blog post idea and thus Throwback Thursdays was born! Every Thursday, I will dig up a song from the previous decade so that we may all reminisce on the good ol' days. You know, those awkard middle school days of watching MTV Spring Break and Saved by the Bell and praying that your life would be THAT cool someday! ;) Yes, those were the days...sigh...

I'm kicking things off with the throwback that inspired this idea in the first place. Hope you're ready for this Jelly!

"Jellyhead" by Crush (1996)

Happy Throwback Thursday!

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  1. Oh you have my heart with this one! I love 90's music too! Thanks for sharing!!