Last Weekend of September

Well that was a pretty uneventful weekend. It was good to get caught up on a few things around the apt and relax for a change. Friday night, Mason and I went on a sushi date to Steel, then went home and made it an early night. Saturday morning, I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to take the PPR Exam (PPR stands for Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities), it is a test that gives you a bunch of different scenarios as a teacher and you have to pick the best way of handling each situation. Pretty sure I passed, it was fairly easy. I should get my scores back sometime today, I think. It is my last test I have to take in order to be a teacher. Yay!

For the rest of the weekend, Mason watched football while I ran errands and finished decorating our apt for fall. Our home is now an Autumnal Wonderland! ;) Here are some pics of my decorating:
{I did end up going to Pottery Barn to rescue this little wax birdy and bring him home ;) }
{Likey my new pillows?? Got them on sale at Pier 1!}

Hope you all had a relaxing, last weekend of September!


  1. Your apartment looks fantastic. :) I love the decorations. The colors are just beautiful! And I love the new pillows. Gotta love sale finds like that. :)

  2. What a cute apartment! I really like the pillows. I need some new ones really badly, but when you're moving there are a lot of other things that come up. (uh washer and dryer) Oh, I can't even remember what all of those teacher exams were. I only had to take 2, and I think one of them was that one.

  3. Your decorations look so cute! I just got a bunch of fall stuff from Pier 1 too. I'm just getting into decorating for holidays in my apartment. Last year I didn't for some reason so it is very exciting to do it now.

  4. I really like the pillow. Might have to take a trip to Pier 1..like tomorrow.