How Fah-bulous!

Don't mean to toot my own horn, but I will... ;) Cee @ Curiosity bestowed upon me yet another award. This time she gave me the "Fabulous Blog" Award. Stop, I'm blushing...

In acceptance of this award I must tell you all 5 of my current obsessions. So, here goes...
1.) New Songs to Jam Out To. Ok so maybe they aren't the newest songs around, but my radio in my car is still broken, so they are new to me! :) These are the songs that I currently dance around to while getting ready:
*"She Wolf" by Shakira
*"Down" by Jay Sean ft. Lil' Wayne
*"Best I Ever Had" by Drake
*"We Made You" by Eminem
*"Empire State of Mind" by Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys

2.) Birds. Strange I know... but, last fall we went to a party in a suite at Hotel ZaZa and the theme of the room was "Raven". It was Alfred Hitchcock inspired and played homage to his classic 1963 film, "The Birds".
There were little bird statues placed all over the room, it was so neat and very Halloween. I am loving these candles from Pottery Barn right now.
PS: I am not a fan of real birds, only decorative ones... ;)

3.) More Fall Decor. I finally pulled out all of my fall decor a few days ago and found that I need more. My new apt has more room to decorate than my last apt did. I love these throw pillows from Z Gallerie, perfect for fall:

Mason thinks I am crazy to change our couch throw pillows seasonally, but if we are using them for September, October and November, then I think it is justified. That is 25% of the year. He just needs to let me be, this is a battle he won't win. ;) Oh, and how cute is this little apron from Crate and Barrel! Perfect for when I am baking my pumpkin bread!! :)

4.) Glee. Are you all watching this show? It is too cute! Last nights episode was the best one yet. You should really tune in if you haven't already.

5.) Skinny Jeans. I am on the prowl, trying to find some skinny-ish jeans that I can wear tucked into my new boots.

Anyway, so those are my 5 obsessions right now! ;) What are some of yours??


  1. GLEE is my obsession right now too!!

    i want a pair of skinny jeans, i don't own any! :(
    i don't know if i have the body for them, i'm short.

  2. OMG GLEE! So amazing!

    I feel like I could have the same list. Especially the birds as decor.

  3. Just came across your blog and it's super cute!!

  4. I just found your blog through Glamorous Newlywed's and had to stop by since you're a Dallas girl!

  5. Girl, I was trying on skinny jeans last night, and it was not skinny on me. Aww, and they bunched when I tried to put them in my boots. Urrr. I just need to try again. My friend was showing me some Joe's honey skinny jeans for "curvy gals"! I'm one of those who refuses to spend the cash on designer jeans when I have to wear a size that I don't think is acceptable. If the 29 fits, I ain't buying it!

  6. Great post! I am sooo into birds right now too! Love skinny jeans to...the key for me is wearing a top that doesnt' make me look like an ice cream cone though :)
    Getting ready to post about the Kreativ blogger award. Thanks again!

  7. Hey! Just wanted to tell you I used you pumpkin bread recipe this weekend and it turned out really good. I actually made 5 loaves so I could freeze some. Hope you are having a nice weekend!