Forget the Umbrella, Get Out the Golashes!

Today, I had a lovely post planned for you all. It was going to be full of rainbows, kittens and positive thoughts to make up for my debbie downer attitude this week. For one, I was going to share with you my recipe for pumpkin bread. It is quite delicious and such a fall treat! But, alas, I never got to write that post... and here is why....

I tried my hardest to wake up on the right side of the bed this morning, even though Mason has passed his sick-o germs onto me and now I too am battling a yucky cold. I really don't feel all that bad though and I was going to go into work regardless (my boss is out of town so I won't be passing on my germs to anyone in the office). Anyway, so this morning I make myself a tall glass of oj to boost the ol' immune system and I decide to make a nice, warm bowl of grits for breakfast. Wait a second? Why is the kitchen floor wet? *open pantry door (where our water heater is located - weird I know, but hey I didn't put it there..)* I discover that the water heater has decided to start leaking all over the place. We're talking a good inch or 2 of water in the pantry that is now seeping into the kitchen. Really??? Seriously?? COME ON!!! Oh, did I mention Mason's parents are coming in town this weekend and they have never seen our place! I had a full evening of dusting and washing to do in preparation of their arrival, but now I have bigger and wetter things to worry about! The only thing preventing me from losing it right now is the fact that at least we are renting our condo. So aside from things being a little slippery around here, we won't have to worry about footing the bill. Hallelujah! "3,2,1...1,2,3....what the heck is bothering me" - ha, remember that line from Family Matters when Carl keeps chanting that to prevent from having a nervous breakdown?? haha, good stuff... Anyway, so at least I won't be having to go into work for awhile. Just sitting at home waiting for the repair man. Once this crisis gets handled I'll get to work on that post about sunshine and gumdrops! ;)


  1. Oh gosh, girl... sounds like you are having a super rough week! I hope the water heater situation is resolved very quickly and that you feel better in no time! xoxo.

  2. Hang in there :( Maybe next week you will have an amazing week to make up for it!

  3. I hope that the water heater situation gets fixed quickly. I am sorry you are having a bad, good thing the weekend is right around the corner. :)

    P.S. Hi, this is my first time to your blog. I will be stopping by more often.

  4. Haha! 321 123 what the heck is bothering me? I so remember that!! So funny!!

    I hope you don't get too sick and that it looks all nice for your man's family.