Go Ahead... You Deserve It! ;)

In times such as these, it seems that most of us are trying our very best to cut back on any unnecessary spending. I must pat myself on the back and say that I am doing pretty good on the whole limiting-my-shopping bit. This deal, however, is just too good to resist. Did you know that you can order magazine subscriptions online at amazon.com? Me neither, but you CAN and GUESS WHAT? Today, you can order a Full Year (read: 12 months) subscription to In Style Magazine for a mere $5! That's F-I-V-E dollars! No shipping costs either, just $5. TOTAL. I sometimes spend more than that at Taco Bell!! ;) This just made my afternoon. I LOVE In Style magazine but hardly ever splurge on it while at the grocery store, because one magazine is usually about $5, and well.. you may as well call me Frugal Francine. But today, I shall reward my frugal efforts with this purchase...and I am giving you all permission to treat yourselves too! ;)

Big Thanks to What's In My Head for unveiling todays deal of the day!


  1. I think the magazine would convince me I needed to spend money on all the stuff they advertise!

    The horror of trying to be cute on a budget! It's really not fun.

  2. i just came across your super cute blog and got very excited to see that i can get my favorite magazine for so cheap! thanks for the post.