XOXO to Monday Nights

It rained the entire weekend and has continued to rain today. A very fitting end to the miserable week I had. This week is a brand new one, however, and I am determined that it be better than last week. Our water heater finally got fixed last night so we can now take hot showers, wash dishes, do laundry, etc. Thank God! You do not realize how much you need hot water until you have to go without it for a few days! Mason has to go out of town for business this week Tuesday-Friday and I will definitely miss him, but it will allow me to be more productive around the house and then I am going to meet him in Austin on Friday! Yay!

Also, guess what show starts again tonight!?!?!?

GOSSIP GIRL!!! Yay! I am soo excited that all of my fav shows are starting to come back on! GG makes Mondays much more tolerable! ;) Hope you all are staying dry! Let's make this week a GREAT one!

XOXO!! :)


  1. it totally rained here almost all of yesterday and through the night and morning bleh...its finally clearing up! Happy Monday :0)

  2. I completely missed GG last night - the NE Patriots played their opening game, and obviously it could not be missed :) - but I am SO excited for this season! Eek. :)

  3. I have actually never seen an episode of GG...I'm not sure why. But now I don't want to start until I can get the dvds of the other season and catch up!

  4. I hope the parent visit went well after all the apt trouble. It seems like we both went through hell last week. Thanks for the sweet comment btw! I'm going to have to learn all the gluten free recipes, so I won't go crazy on eating salads. I'm sure you'll enjoy your next Austin trip. :)