Lady Gaga is Wacky!

I'm laying in bed watching the MTV VMA Awards right now and there is just WAY too much good blogging material. Therefore, I have decided to whip out the laptop and rehash all of the good, the bad and the shocking moments of this years awards show.

First of all, I thought the MJ tribute was soooo great! The dancers were amazing and Janet Jackson is awesome for coming out and dancing to "Scream". Also, I thought Madonna looked fab!

Ugh, Russell Brand is hosting again this year?? He is AWFUL. He has the most obnoxious voice and the worst jokes. I thought for sure after his stab at hosting last year MTV would can him. Guess not..Ummmm, WTF Kanye?! I can not BELIEVE he just jumped on stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance for Best Female Video to say that Beyonce should have won! Sooo rude and so classless. How could you be so heartless, Kanye?? Perhaps he should sit out next years award show along with Mr. Brand...
Ummmm, double WTF to Lady Gaga?! I was kind of digging her performance at first. I mean if anyone's going on stage rocking only white panties, it'd be her. (Ha, and I guess that squashed any rumors about her being an hermaphrodite as well, right?). Anyway, her performance was going well, but then what was up with all the blood? And did she hang herself at the end?? Hmmm... not too sure about that one...
Bahahahahahahaha Triple WTF to Lady Gaga's outfit that she put on when she sat back down in the audience. Greatness!! {see below for picture}

Adam Brody is oh so very HOT! *sigh*
Yay! Can't wait for the new Twilight movie, New Moon, to come out!!

Beyonce is performing the "Single Ladies" dance. Yay! You better believe that I stopped it and rewound it several times to bust out my dance moves that I learned in hip hop class a few weeks ago... I've still got it! ;) Oh and Mase, "Where my ring at?" :)

YES!!! Bahahahahahahahaha! Lady Gaga won! She is going to make an acceptance speech wearing her absolutely ridiculous outfit!
Hmm, Pink decided to wear a hot pink pastie over one boob in an attempt to channel Lil' Kim I suppose... and it appears that if her career in music doesn't pan out she can always be an acrobat in the circus. She doesn't seem to be lip synching either. Now that's some talent!

Bahahahahhahaha Bahahahahahaha Bahahahahahaha!!!!! Lady Gaga is INSANE!!!
Aww, Beyonce is so classy! She let Taylor Swift finish making her acceptance speech that Kanye so rudely interrupted earlier! Kanye you suck!
Ok, folks, well that's a wrap! I must say that MTV made this rainy Sunday evening rather entertaining. Hope you all had a good weekend. Oh and by the way...this is my 100th post! Can you believe it!? Seems like only yesterday I entered the exciting world of blogging. I just might pour myself a glass of wine and cheers myself! ;) Ok, nighty night!


  1. Yes, so tacky of Kanye! I saw where someone put a facebook status about that, but I didn't catch the show tonight. That's too bad... Yeah Mason, where's that ring?

  2. Great recap thanks. Congrats on you 100 post xoxo

  3. you honestly have no life