You Win Some (Longhorns) and You Lose Some (Cowboys)!

Happy First Day of Fall! I'm so excited that it has officially arrived! Time to finally break out the fall decorations! :)

But first, a little weekend recap of my trip to Austin! Friday afternoon, Cameron and I arrived in Austin and headed to the airport to pick up Mason! Reunited and it feels so good... ;) We stayed at one of their friends from high school's house and their other friend Nathan brought over his new puppy, Callie! Isn't she just the most precious little pup!
Makes me want a little animal baby of my own! Not yet, though... still not ready for the responsibility quite yet... Anyway, Friday night we went to dinner at Iron Cactus on 6th Street for some yummy margs to kick start our weekend. We met up with lots of friends on West 6th and partied on down, into the night. Ha, not really... we were home by 12:30am, guess those margaritas did a little too much kick starting! ;) Oh and just look at the damage that the boys did having late night snacks! Thank God, I had no part in this! I swear, I didn't... I may havehadalittlejackintheboxlatenightthough... Shhh, don't tell! ;) Saturday afternoon, we headed out to Cain & Abel's on the Lake for a pre-game party that one of our college friend's was hosting! We had such a fun time and ended up staying there to watch the game. That's about 9 hours at one bar, if you're keeping count! Yikes! Don't worry, we paced ourselves and took cabs to get home. ;) Oh yes and did I mention that we WON!!! Take that TECH!!! Oh and USC lost this weekend too! Woohoo! Keep the W's coming Longhorns! ;)
{Lezlie, Kelti, Tara, Kendra and I at Abel's on the Lake}
{Lezlie, Kendra and I again...}{Me and Mase @ Abel's}
{Mason started to get annoyed with me after I made him take several pics in an effort to get a good sunset pic.}

Did you notice my new doo? I got my haircut last Thursday. I did want to get a little length cut off because my hair grows super fast, but she chopped off WAY more than I intended. Eh, oh well... guess I can save money on haircuts for awhile!

Well, that's about it for the weekend recap... Sunday night was spent watching the Emmy's and the Cowboys game. The boys are really starting to piss me off. They lost the last game in their old stadium (which we attended). They lost the first pre-season game in the new stadium and now they have lost the first regular season game again, in the new stadium. Way to go out and start off with a bang, Boys... oh well... atleast I have my Longhorns! Hook 'em!

Hope you all are enjoying your first day of fall by doing something fallish! As for me I'm cozied up in bed about to watch Gossip Girl and then the Rachel Zoe Project! Happy Monday Night! :)

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  1. I love all of the orange gear. Your dress is super cute, and you look so pretty.

    My school is having a big event this weekend that I want to attend, but I'm unfortunately moving this weekend.