My Real Life "Glee" Moment

Today was my best day of subbing yet! I subbed for two choir teachers at one of the middle schools while they took two of their classes to the opera. The rest of the classes were working on their performances that they will be showcasing at the school talent show on Tuesday and also later on this spring at Hurricane Harbor.
One choir group that I worked with had most of their choreography for their song down, but the choir teachers added some new moves to the ending so before they left I asked them if they wanted me to teach the 6th period group the new choreography. I told them that that would be no problem since I took dance during high school. For some reason they were super impressed by that and asked me if I would try to choreograph the moves for the 8th grade choir performance!! Ahh! How fun! They are going to be singing "ABC, 123" by the Jackson 5! So I put together a pretty simple routine for them to learn. So much more fun then just passing out busy work. It was like I was on the set of Glee! :) I told the kids I would come watch them at their talent show on Tuesday to cheer them on (and to see my awesome dance moves in action ;)! I'm going to be like a proud parent in the audience (ha, or maybe more like the mom in Mean Girls - doing the choreography on the side right along with them!) :) I will also be subbing for them 3 more times next month! Is there a choir teaching position in my future? Umm, no...too bad I have no singing talent. But I can snap my fingers and sway from side to side with the best of them! :) Have a great weekend!!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I'd be a pathetic choir teacher. I'm glad you were able to help them out so much.

  2. Fun! I hope their show goes well.