We're Next! ;)

Well, I'm sure you all saw/heard how the National Championship game turned out. I feel so bad that Colt McCoy was unable to play in his final game as a Texas Longhorn! Hopefully he will have a great career in the NFL! Speaking of the NFL...How 'bout them Cowboys!?!? That was our first playoff win in over a decade! About time!! Anyway, enough about football....

....this weekend Mason and I were in Houston, again! Seriously, we should just pack up and move to Houston since we are there just about every other weekend. We had a great time this weekend though! Our friends Trevor & Jenn tied the knot so we attended their rehearsal dinner and wedding to celebrate their new life together! Such a fun couple and we are so very happy for them! And guess what!?! Remember when I caught the bouquet at my friend's wedding... Well looks like Mason is slowly getting the message, because he caught the garter this time! ;)
Hopefully that means we're next! :)


  1. OMG!! LOL!!! how exciting!!! YES YES!! you are next lol ;)

  2. Oh goodness... I thought this was going to be an engagement announcement - I was SO excited!! :) I hope your prediction is true - you're such an adorable couple! And you looked gorgeous at the wedding!! xoxo.

  3. I hope you are next...looks like the signs are in your favor :)

  4. oh i hope so!!!
    at first i totally thought it was an engagement announcement too!
    love the pics hun!