T is for Tuesday.... and Teen Mom!

Ok, I have a confession to make. I have a small obsession. Ok...a MAJOR obsession! With..... MTV's reality series "Teen Mom"! I'm not quite sure why this show is so fascinating to me, but every Tuesday evening Mason and I are glued to the tube watching the lives of four teenage couples who accidentally got knocked up while still in high school. Yes, Mason watches this show with me! He was hesistant at first, but has grown to love it just as I have! It really has become my absolute fav show on tv right now though. Maybe even more so than *gasp* Gossip Girl! I know, what is wrong with me? Guess I just love me some good baby mama drama! A lot of the time I just feel sorry for these girls who have had to put their lives on hold to take care of their unplanned bundles of joy and who also have loser boyfriends who can't even manage to change a diaper.
Occasionally, though, there are heartwarming moments that make it such a cute show, like Tyler & Catelynn's (pictured above) sweet love for each other even after painfully having to give their daughter up for adoption! Anyway, if you haven't watched this show you are missing out... but guess what!?! On Febuary 16, "16 and Pregnant" (my second favorite show) comes back to MTV with 10 new shows and 10 new knocked up mommies!!! Woohoo! Mason and I were cheering tonight when we found out the joyous news! ;) We really need to get a life...or a baby... ha...Only kidding, duh! :)


  1. I have seen every episode of 16& Pregnant and Teen Moms. I am addicted. I am happy to find someone else who is!!!!
    I like Maci.
    I think Amber is a brat!
    I think Farrah is selfish and immature (but her mother is a major enabler)
    I love Tyler and Catelynn!!!!! They both had to grow up fast and not just best of the pregnancy her mother does choose her boyfriends over her (and it is ridiculous that Catelynn's mom married Tyler's dad so they are now step siblings!)

    Gary seems lazy, but at least he is trying...has a job....romantic dinners...he really loves Amber and Amber doesn't feel the same way.

  2. I'm addicted too! Every time it's on I'm glued to the TV :) And sometimes I'll catch my hubby watching it too!

  3. i love that show too!! i watch it every week and sometimes the repeats ;)
    catelynn and tyler are my favorites, they are so cute and so in love.
    maci is a cutie and a great momma.
    farrah needs to grow up a little bit although she is better than before. i can see how her mom annoys her...she drives me crazy too.
    i think amber has some maturing to do as well.
    can't wait for 16 and pregnant to start again!!

  4. Omg...we need to hang out. K and I are obsessed with this show too. He yells at Gary to man up everytime he comes on the screen. I'll have to tell him about 16 and Preg. coming back. We are going to watch last night's episode during dinner tonight.

  5. This show is so bad, but so so so good. I can't get enough of it.