Sci Fi Weekend with my Guy! ;)

So far my weekend has been just what I needed it to be... relaxing, productive and stress-free! And it's not even over yet! Thanks MLK! ;) Mason and I didn't venture out of the apt very much this weekend, which was just fine by me. Occasionally, I enjoy being a hermit on the weekends. It makes them feel as though they last longer when we are not constantly on the go. We did find a few ways to entertain occupy our time, however.

Friday night after our sushi date, we decided to just rent a movie since it was a yucky, rainy evening. We decided on District 9. Have you all seen this? I totally thought it would be a cool end of the world/"Independence Day" type of flick.
Ummm no. It was more like Mars Attacks meets Dawn of the Dead. We couldn't tell if it was supposed to be an action movie, sci-fi, comedy or spoof. Lots of blood and guts and a pretty awful plot, IMHO. Please do not waste your $1 Redbox rental fee on this one.

Saturday afternoon, we went on another "adventure", this time involving humans and not aliens. We decided to check out the Bodies Exhibit that has come to Dallas. The exhibit consists of human specimens that have been preserved and put on display so that you can gain a better understanding of the internal structure of your body, as well as to understand how it functions.
It was pretty cool. I'm not big on blood and stuff like that really, so I felt a little woozy a couple of times, but it really was very interesting. My favorite part was getting to see actual embryo specimens at all of the different stages of fetal development. Also, fun fact: Did you know that every drop of blood in your body pumps through your heart once every minute. That seems so crazy! Anyway, this exhibit was pretty cool, and I would recommend checking it out if you do not have anything better to do on a Saturday afternoon! ;)

Sounds like a pretty sci-fi kinda weekend huh? Don't worry, I got my hair highlighted, read an US Weekly magazine and did a little shopping too to keep things balanced! ;) Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!


  1. I liked District 9...but I am kinda a nerd so that explains it.

  2. Sounds like y'all had a great weekend! I love relaxing weekends too :)

  3. Ha! Thanks for the warning about the movie. Ahh, I had to put my food down when I saw that second movie's picture. That is really interesting about the blood. I put a cheesy picture up of before and after of my hair. I had it redone today.:) I appreciate your help. Your hair must be naturally lighter than mine.

  4. I love weekends were you hardly leave the house~

  5. sounds like a good weekend with your man :)
    i need a relaxing weekend soon!

  6. I went to the bodies exhibit when it was in pittsburgh about 2 years ago and it was incredible!!!