Take a hike Jan.

January is out, February is in. Thank the Lord!! I don't know why, but I have always hated the month of January. Ok, I do know why. It sucks. The whole theme of January is getting back on track... back to work, back to school, back on your diet, back to the gym... blah! And as if that isn't depressing enough, it is freezing outside and still gets dark early...oh the misery! I don't mind some nice frosty weather during the holidays to make them feel festive, but once the New Years hats and party blowers have been put away, my internal clock starts the countdown for Spring!

Maybe if I had something special to celebrate in January, like a birthday or an anniversary it would make the month a little more bearable. Unfortunately, I do not and must suffer through all 31 days without one little ounce of excitement (sorry MLK day, you're not cutting it).

But, I no longer have to be a bitter Betty, because February is here! Three cheers for Valentine's Day & Super Bowl & Mardis Gras (and let's not forget about our friend the Groundhog and his special day tomorrow ;)! Any month that is only 28 days long, has theme colors of red and hot pink and offers plenty of reasons for throwing parties is A-OK with me! Glad to see you Feb! I've missed you! :)

Photo source: weheartit.com


  1. Personally I have never been a huge February fan...a lot of crappy stuff seems to have happened to me during Feb. But, it's kinda hit or miss, some years good and some bad! I'm hoping for a good one this year!

  2. I thoroughly agree and hate January. Let's remove it from the year.