Hope for Haiti

I'm sitting at home tonight watching the "Hope for Haiti" telethon that is airing on nearly every major channel. I'm glad our country and many others are able to come together in times such as these to contribute to the greaNumbered Listter good of mankind. I also wanted to extend a special prayer to all those who perished, those who are injured and have not yet received aid and all of the families who have been affected by this devastating disaster.
My mom's goddaughter, Holly, (who is also my godmother's daughter) has traveled to Haiti twice in the past 2 years to volunteer at an orphange in Haiti called "God's Littlest Angels". Each time she was able to stay for several weeks at a time to provide extra love and care to all of the sweet babies of Haiti who have no families to shower them with the attetion that they so desperately seek.
After hearing of the tragic events in Haiti and having just graduated college, Holly decided that it was God's will for her to travel back to Haiti to once again help out in the orphanage, but this time in much more dire circumstances. Holly arrived in Haiti on Tuesday and plans to stay until April.Please pray for Holly that she remains safe during her time in Haiti as she so selflessly serves God by helping those who are most in need.


  1. What a phenomenal person! I'll be keeping Holly in my prayers.

  2. How amazing is that? You should definitly keep us updated on everything she is doing in Haiti!

  3. What a selfless person! She's a real inspiration. I wish I could be like that.

  4. Wow what a special girl she is!!! great work!