What's the deal Lance???

When choosing foods to snack on, Mason and I have certain standards that our potential munchies must meet, the most obvious being taste. Once that's out of the way we try to pick snacks that are somewhat nutritious. Ok, so they don't have to be that nutritious, but we're not complete idiots. We don't throw things like cheeto's and ding dongs into the cart, tempting though it may be. Finally, the snack needs to be somewhat filling. After all, isn't that the point of a snack? To tide you over until your next meal...

Well, after years of honing our grocery skills, Mason and I finally settled on the perfect snack. Lance's crackers. And not just any of Lance's crackers, but Lance's Smoke House Cheddar crackers. They are divine. Maybe not high on the nutrition scale, but hey, we could do worse!

The only problem...

Unlike all other variety of Lance crackers (Cream Cheese & Chives, Peanut Butter & Honey, Grilled Cheese), Smoke House Cheddar is not available for purchase in mass quantity. The only way to get a taste of the smoke house deliciousness is to buy the variety pack with only two packs of Smoke House Cheddars per box? Two!? That's stingy Lance! But it get's worse...

Now, they aren't even selling the variety packs that include the Smoke House Cheddar! And not at just one store. All the stores! Why, Lance, Why!?!?!?

I know I am not the only person who is concerned about this. I spoke with my dad's wife about the matter and she is none too happy with Lance for witholding her smoky cheddar. Maybe I should write a letter to Lance. Maybe he'd send me a lifetime supply of Smokehouse yumminess!

Are there any other Lance fans out there?? If not, what are your fav snackies?? I might have to start shopping around for something new to whet my appetite.

Update: Mason was reading this post over my shoulder and thinks that Lance has a conspiracy to short change his customers who are die-hard Smokehouse Cheddar fans by forcing them to buy the "janky" variety pack every time they want some SHC. Thus, increasing sales and profits. This better not be true Lance. Mason might just pull a Steve Martin (a la Father of the Bride) and start pulling out the SHC's and making his own "variety pack". ;)


  1. Google it...or go to Lance....they have a search to see who sells them...8 to a pack...and yes...I like them too.

  2. like one or two walmart(s) in MI and GA sell them but, since like you and I, so many other people love them theyre always out of stock