This post is so random it doesn't have a title

Hi friends. I've been trying to think up a fun blog post for the past couple of days. I got nothing. So I'll just ramble and see where that takes me....

*Mason and I have not been to the grocery store or gym in weeks. We are officially hermits. Everyday we plan out our evenings to include a trip to the g-store and some much needed time working it at the gym. Instead, every night we end up scraping together a meal out of random bits and pieces from the fridge and decide to park it in front of the tv instead of venturing the .25 miles to our gym. At least we aren't eating much though right...? Does that make up for our lack of working out? I think so.

*Yesterday I subbed for some of the brattiest middle schoolers ever! I had to move several students to other desks, I sent one kid to the office and two girls walked out of my classroom even when I told them not to! They rolled their eyes at me and kept walking! The nerve! Don't worry ladies, I got your names and reported you! Ha! I'm all for installing hidden cameras in classrooms so that the parents have proof of what little mosters their kids can be!

*Today I subbed for the sweetest middle schoolers ever who told me how pretty I was and that I was the best sub ever! Awww! ;) Makes it all worth it...

*The weirdest thing has happened since I started being a sub. I no longer bite my nails. Weird. You'd think I'd be biting them harder, but nope. What's up with that??

*I'm already almost broke. I don't get my first substantial sub paycheck until the END of NEXT month. I popped into Target the other night to buy one small thing and nearly cried looking at all of the cute things that I can no longer afford. Tear.

*The best thing about subbing at different schools all week long is that I can repeat outfits all the time and no one is the wiser! :)

*All of these bullet points are about subbing... Ugh, I have nothing else to talk about these days...

*I'm ready for some warm weather so that I can start sporting my cute new flips that Mason's mom gifted to me! (We got matching ones! :) Likey?

*I'm super excited to rent season 5 of Weeds. Mason and I don't have Showtime so we have to catch up once the seasons are over and are available at Blockbuster! Can't wait! :)

Umm, yeah...that's all she wrote. Hope that wasn't a total snooze fest for you all. I'll try and whip up a more cohesive post for next time. Until then.... ;)


  1. I thought this was a great post!! I love bullets :) I'm so ready for warmer weather too.....love the shoes! Ugh, and I'm so with you on the tears at Target! I hate being broke. It stinks!

  2. Aww, Caroline I know what you mean. my life is consumed by my job way too much now!