Turkey Day Blues

I am absolutely not complaining at all....not one teensy bit! I know I am super lucky to be going to NYC over Thanksgiving break this year and I truly can not wait! I can't help being a tiny bit sad though that for the first time EVER my Thanksgiving Day will be lacking turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, buttermilk pie, and every other food on the buffet that is oozing with butter. Going without turkey, however, will be the worst part this year because it's not just any 'ol turkey I'll be missing out on, it's a Greenburg turkey!!! Mmmm....my family has ordered a delicious smoked turkey from this East Texas turkey farm every year of my life for Thanksgiving! It is the best thing in the world, seriously! Oprah even featured it as one of her favorite things one year and you KNOW if Oprah likes it is HAS to be good! Instead of feasting on our normal T-day staples, Mase and I will be dining in Times Square at ESPN Zone watching the TEXAS vs. A&M game! Ha, very traditional I know! ;) So please everyone, save me some leftovers!


  1. You could get a turkey sandwich at the ESPN zone haha. I'm sure you will have so much fun it will make up for the lack of traditional Thanksgiving food!

  2. Haha! Food doesn't make good memories anyway. You'll have a fabulous memory from NYC to think about for years to come. Have a great time! I wish I was going rather than eating turkey. :)

  3. you are going to have so much fun!!
    i'd give up turkey feast to go to NYC to see the macy's day parade!! ;)