Taryn & Kyle's Wedding Weekend

Back in D-town after a looonnnggg weekend of driving! Thursday afternoon Mason and I drove down to Shreveport because he had a meeting for work there on Friday morning. Mase's dad met us there and took us out for a yummy dinner and then afterwards we went to the Horseshoe Casino for a little gambling. Mason turned $20 into $200 playing roulette. I was too nervous to part with any of my own money, so I just sat jealously and watched him rake in the dough (ohhh how I long for the days of a joint bank account ;).

Anywho... after Mason finished up his meeting we drove through the country to places like Carthage, TX and Mansfield, LA looking at some of the oil wells he is in charge of. Not the most exciting adventure, but it was a beautiful day and we did most of our driving with the windows down! During our roadtrip, Mason started to get a little sleepy and asked if I would take the wheel! He NEVER asks me to drive so I was kind of excited to have something to do on our way to Houston! I even got Mase to take a picture of me manning the wheel for the first time (I'm cheesy, I know...) and here is Mason catching some Zzzz's... (sidenote: I would not recommend taking pictures while driving...;)
Friday evening, we went out in Houston and met up with a lot of our friends...good times! Then Saturday evening, we went to Taryn and Kyle's wedding. Taryn is a family friend of Mason and Cameron's. She was a cheerleader at UT and her boyfriend played baseball for UT. They are soo cute it is just sickening! Anyway, here are a few pics from the wedding:

{Travis (Taryn's brother), Mason, Cameron, Trevor (Taryn's brother), Kyle (groom), Nathan}
{Mase and I at the reception}
{Mason and me with Jenn and Trevor who are getting married in January!}
{Mason, Cameron and I with Taryn the beautiful bride}
We had a fab time at the wedding (which was held at the Four Seasons in downtown Houston). I'm still coming down from my champagne coma! ;) And now I have a very busy week ahead of me as someone (Mason ;) is turning 26 next week, so I have to finish some bday shopping! Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!! :)


  1. you and your man look so cute!! love your dress hun! so pretty! :)
    the bride looked beautiful as well!!