Dia de los Muertos

We survived another crazy Halloween night, but not without a little drama, but I'll get to that in a sec. This year for Halloween, Mason and I dressed up as Senorita y Senor Tequila! We went to a party at Sambuca that some of our friends were hosting and had a blast!

Until.... I got into a little chick fight with this girl who I realized after the fact that I know... oops! ;) It all started while waiting in line for the girls bathroom. The line was ridiculous. Seriously, it was like a 30 minute wait! Anyway, so this one girl tries to cut in front of everyone and I was all "ummm no, back of the line sweetie"! So she comes up to me and dusts me in the face with her little feather duster (she was dressed as a french maid) and says a few unfriendly words to me. Anyway, so after I finally go to the bathroom, I walk back over to where my friends are and have totally forgotten about the bathroom encounter. Feather-duster girl, however, has not forgotten about it and while I have been in the bathroom she was busy telling Mason and her boyfriend what a bitch I am. So when I get back, she walks up to me and grabs both of my arms as hard as she can and starts saying more unfriendly things. So Mason, grabs her and pulls her off of me (aww, my night in shining armor ;) and then she ripped his costume and kicked him you know where! What a LUNATIC! Thankfully a police officer was standing nearby and witnessed the whole thing and feather-duster girl got carried out of the bar by 4 police! Ha, thats what you get for trying to cut in line for the bathroom! ;)

Anyway, it wasn't long after our dramatic episode that we decided we should probably call it a night. Upon arriving home, however, I realize that my Blackberry was not in my purse where it should be! I break out into a full blown PANIC! I have only had my BB for like 2 months!! I can NOT live without it and I do not want to buy a new one! So I get Mason to drive us back to Sambuca, and I can't find it anywhere. So we go back home feeling defeated and of course I am a crying mess by this point! I sobbed inconsolably all night long about losing my stupid phone! Then the next morning I decided to go look outside, just in case I had dropped it. And guess what... there it was lying in THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!!! It didn't even have a scratch on it! I can not believe it wasn't run over or more suprisingly stolen! It was a Halloween Miracle!!! :) And that is how we spent Halloween 2009! It's prob a good thing Halloween only comes around once a year... ;)


  1. You two look adorable! And I am glad you had a fantastic time... until you ran into the french lunatic. Thank goodness those officers were on hand and the altercation didn't blow up even more! That could have been absolutely tragic. But I'm glad you had your knight and that things didn't escalate. Also, total miracle you found your phone unharmed! That would have devastated me, too. So glad you got it back. :)

  2. LOVE the costumes!! you look beautiful girly!!
    oh my gosh, i can't beleive your phone was laying in the street perfectly fine!! lucky girl you are ;)
    glad your night turned out okay in the end!!

  3. Wow Caroline! You really did have a crazy night! What a crazy b****. What kind of girl really kicks a guy there? I mean how trashy... Thank God about your phone. I know I'd be freaking out as well. Great costumes btw! I'm so envious. I was home throwing up this weekend...uh. I just keep getting sick. I think I'm finally getting better though. HOPEFULLY!

  4. First of all...your costume was very cute. Second, what a bitch!!! and third...that really is a Halloween miracle!

  5. First of all, what a Crazy! Wow!

    You looked beautiful as a Senorita of course :)
    Oh, and praise to the BB God....I can't live without mine either!

  6. omg!! you looked beautiful!!