Service With Without a Smile!

The following happened to me not once, not twice but THREE, yes THREE times yesterday!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you are at the grocery store or the mall or even the library and you go to the counter to check out and the cashier doesn't even acknowledge you! Just grabs your things and starts scanning them without even looking up. I mean would it kill you to look at me and say "hello"!?! I went to Macy's yesterday morning right when it opened to get someone a b-day present and I knew exactly what I wanted so within 10 minutes I was ready to check out. Well Patty, the sales clerk, (and yes that is her real name, go nominate her for sales associate of the month) is sloooooowly unwrapping the quarters out of the packaging one by one sloooowly, then she moves on to the dimes, then the nickels, then the pennies. Then starts sloowwllly counting the dollars! Um, Hello Patty!?!?! Why don't you look up and say something...anything! I don't mind waiting while you open up the cash register, but can you atleast acknowledge that you know I am standing here with my item ready to check-out. But no, she just keeps on ignoring me, so finally I go "Ummm, are you able to ring me up or should I go to another cashier?" and she is all "Yeah you can if you want." So what does that mean? You can't check me out? The nerve. Where has customer service gone? I'm not suggesting that anyone roll out the red carpet for me, but a little eye contact and a polite attitude is not asking a lot. It seems that I am encountering more and more Patty-esque behavior everywhere I go. It happened to me again at the library that afternoon and then again at the grocery store! I mean isn't customer service covered in day one on the job?

I suppose it's not THAT big a deal, but it really does tick me off! What are your pet peeves?


  1. People who are late is my pet peeve. If you are late you are really tell your friend, family member, or whoever it is that you are late for that your time is more important than theirs.

  2. That's funny, Caroline. I was talking to my mom about that one time... I was saying, "Sometimes I wish that every fast food employee had a college degree." Really, I mean it's so aggravating to deal with complete idiots sometimes! I guess I can't expect someone who gets paid minimum wage to be a genius, so I should expect pathetic service.

  3. Apparently, you had something stuck between your teeth :)

  4. I went through a drive through yesterday and I pulled up to the window to pick up and the girl working there just wandered around doing other stuff...she didn't even make eye contact. I understand that my latte might have not been ready yet but how hard is it to just stick your head out and say it will be a minute. grr...