Faux Fur Love

I don't know why exactly, but I have been drooling over this white faux fur throw from West Elm for quite some time now. It would look just lovely on our couch, and would be perfect for cuddling up in when the temps start falling outside. We refuse to turn on the heat until icicles start hanging from our chins in order to save some dollars (our heating bill is always ginormous compared to our AC bill bc we have such awful insulation in our apt). Anyway, this precious little blanket is usually $119. Probably worth every penny, but a little much to justify spending on a blanket. Also, Mason thinks we shouldn't get a white one, because he is afraid it will get dirty. Geez Mase, it's not like we have spaghetti and meatball wars in the living room. I mean we are mature adults people!! We can handle the responsibility of owning a white blanket! Anyway, I got the West Elm catalogue in the mail last week - and do what to my wondering eyes appear, but a sale on faux fur throws! Now I can own this luxuroius animal fur knock-off for the much more reasonable price of $83. Sold! I'm on my way to go pick one up now! Maybe I can pawn it off to Mason as one of his birthday gifts next week. ;)

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