Seeing Stars!

You all will not believe what happened to my mom yesterday!!! She received a phone call from WFAA/Channel 8 (which is the local ABC Network in Dallas) saying that she had won a contest that was recently featured on "Good Morning Texas" that she had signed up for online.
She won a trip for two to go here:
with a two night stay here (Beverly Wilshire Hotel):
and tickets to attend the LIVE FINALE taping of this:

Can you believe it!?!? I can not. And best of all, she is taking ME with her! I am beyond excited!! I have never been to Los Angeles before! We will be there from Nov. 22-24 and literally the day after I get back, Mason and I are going to New York for our 5 day Thanksgiving trip! Can you say BEST WEEK EVER! First half of the week in LA, second half of the week in NYC (and I have never been to either city)! I am going nuts trying to figure out outfits for that many days of travel! No time to chat, must go shopping! ;)


  1. I'm super jealous I love DWTS! Yay! Can't wait to hear about your trips! Have fun!

  2. So cool!

    (I always wonder who wins those contests)

  3. oh my gosh!! that is awesome!!
    you have so much to look forward to you lucky girl!!
    i'm totally jealous you will be in NY over thanksgiving ;)

  4. And the best next part............you're taking me too, right??? I can't wait!!
    That's going to be awesome. I'm sure jealous and would lose 17 lbs ASAP if I could tag along! JK!!

  5. YAY!! so exciting!! You will have a BLAST!! :)