Man, this week was flying by at first, but now it has come to a standstill. I am super anxious and excited for this weekend to begin, because once again...it's TX/OU Weekend, folks! One of my most fav weekends of the year! I remember being in college and getting so excited for this week every year. Of course it was always inevitable that a meany prof would schedule an exam the Thursday before TX/OU! Seriously!? How can anyone be expected to concentrate with such a fab weekend looming ahead? Back in my sorority girl days, the week preceeding TX/OU was busy and fun-filled. If you were among the lucky to be asked by a frat guy to "be his OU date" then you were in charge of buying a cooler, painting it, and stocking it full of goodies (read: lots of liquor, beer, snacks, and maybe a little more liquor just to be sure..)! We would have painting parties at the sorority house and paint our name and our date's name on the cooler, our sorority/frat letters, longhorns, "OU Sucks!", etc. Then on Friday afternoon, we would take our masterpieces to our date's house and board a charter bus that would take us, along with the Frat, on a booze-filled adventure to Dallas! Once, in D-Town we would check into hotels and then go to a bar where the fraternity so generously had provided a bar tab for all to enjoy (in case you didn't have enough to drink on the bus ride down). Then Saturday morning, we would wake up extra early, adorn ourselves with burnt orange from head to toe and head to the TX/OU game! *Sigh* Ohh to be in college again...
Anyway, even though I have since graduated from my beloved University, TX/OU has still proven to be just as fun for us big kids! Here are some of the events we have lined up in the next few days:

Thurs - Blake & Wolf's (friends of ours) TX/OU Kick-off Party complete with special guest BEVO (yes, our dear mascot makes the trek to this event every year so that we can get an up-close photo-op with him!)

Fri - TX/OU Dinner Party, my friend Tara and I are hosting a dinner party at Mattito's for all of our Longhorn friends from Dallas and also those coming in town for the weekend! Such a good time! It is a fun college reunion! Afterwards, we will have a night out on the town!

Sat - Game day!!! Sadly, we won't be going to the game this year, but we have reserved a spot at a local bar and will root the Horns on to victory from there!

Sat. Night - Win or Lose (but hopefully Win) we will celebrate (or drown our sorrows), and show all the Sooners just why we are so proud to be graduates of the greatest university around!

Can't wait!! Hook 'em! :)


  1. Sounds like so much fun!! Oh, and I love that brown dress you are wearing...CUTE!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I went to a really small college so that is all so different than anything we did. Our football team was horrible...I think I went to about 2 games in 4 years haha

  3. Oh! The sorority days! How cute with the coolers and such...let's go back now. I miss chasing frat boys.