It definitely wasn't pretty but we somehow managed to pull out a win during this weekend's big game against OU! Only 6 more games to win and it looks like (fingers crossed) we'll be heading to the National Championship! Yippee! We had such an amazing weekend with all of our friends! I am absolutely exhausted and my entire body is soo sore! I def plan on taking it easy until Halloween! ;)
Anyway, here are a few pics from our victorious weekend!

{Our annual pic with Bevo - - please ignore see-through shirt bra shot}
{Mattito's for our TX/OU Dinner Party - we had 60 ppl come! Such fun!}
{We walked home from the bars, underneath the 75 overpass, me in my stiletto's, because we couldn't find a cab... I still can't feel my toes}
{Watching the game at TABC}
{Had to get my pic taken with Miss Peyton - our friend's, Angie & Brady's, baby girl! :)}

Hope you all had a great weekend! Now I shall attempt not to fall asleep at my desk! Hook 'em!


  1. awwww that is one little cutie!!! :)

  2. New to the blog! Looks like a great weekend. I'm pumped Texas won too--did you have a corndog at the fair ;-) Have a wonderful week!

  3. looks like you had a fabulous weekend!!
    you look so cute in the pics! and the little one is a doll ;)

    i could also go for a nap at my desk right about now.

  4. Awesome photos!! Glad you had a good weekend. :) I am so happy that Texas won... yay!! :)

  5. Glad you had a fun weekend...and won the game :)