Big Week for Big D

I'm already a very proud citizen of Dallas, TX (although sometimes the Cowboys make me think otherwise). This week, however, I love my hometown even more than usual! I'm not sure if you were able to watch/tivo Oprah this afternoon, but she made her way to the Big D to host a segment on the State Fair of Texas! I sooo wanted to be an audience member, but I couldn't find a way of scoring tickets, and I'm not sure if her show was an sit down-audience type of show or if it was just clips of her walking around sampling the food at the Fried Food Capital of the World! :) Right now "O" is on channel 8 guest hosting the 5 o' clock news! So fun! I just love Oprah! :)
Another, even bigger reason why I am excited about this week is that it is TX/OU week! Texas and Oklahoma meet up every year in Dallas, on neutral territory, and compete at the Cotton Bowl (also located at the State Fair). It is such a fun weekend as we have several events/parties planned for the week as we prepare for the Red River Rivalry! We have so many friends coming in town, so it's like a mini college reunion! I just absolutely love this week!! So, this week shall be dedicated to all things burnt orange as we prepare to beat the Sooners! OU Sucks!! :)

I love living in Dallas!


  1. mmm fried food...someday I need to plan a trip to Texas!

  2. i would love to make it to dallas some day!!
    i was supposed to go with my bestie last year and that ended up not working out. hopefully some day though ;)
    fried food....i love it all!

  3. Sounds fun! This is our state fair time too. The weather is so nasty outside this week though.