Playing Catch-up!

My apologies for not posting in a few days. Our laptop has gone a little batty (must be playing a Halloween trick on us) and I was unable to log on to my blog! But, I'm back at the office and ready for a fun week-before-Halloween (the second best week in October ;). Here's what has been going on in the past few days!

Thursday night: I received a phone call from the school district that I applied to sub at a looong time ago, but never heard back from. I had decided that they were at capacity for substitutes since they received so many applications! Well, they weren't and asked if I'd be able to come in the next morning for substitute orientation! Yippee! This is the school district that I would most like to work for, so I am glad that I am getting my foot in the door! Yay!

Friday: Went to Sub Orientation and got an official name/picture badge and everything! Having a badge is the fastest way to feel super important! ;) Yay! They are going to input my info by the beginning of this week and I will be eligible to start subbing immediately. However, I do still technically have a job (which I will dedicate another post to, because that's a whole other story). Anyway, Friday night Mason and I drove out to Little Elm (north of Frisco) to go to our friend Lezlie's dad's birthday party where the highlights included flip cup tournies, beer pong, and a bonfire! Festive fall fun! :)

Saturday: We were laaaaazy all day loonnnng! We watched football, drank beer and cooked the entire day! It was a nice cozy day at home! I made Stuffed Poblanos for dinner. They were delish, fun to make and satisfied my need for something spicy! I felt like a gourmet chef, but they did take a rather long time to make... lots of steps! Here is what they were supposed to look like (a la the picture on the website):
Here are what mine looked like:
Not too shabby! ;) All of my time spent watching Top Chef must be paying off! (PS: Mason thinks I am an idiot when I take pictures of our food to post on my blog... ha, good one Mase, we'll see who has the last laugh when I have a book deal and can retire at home as a professional blogger! ;)

Sunday: More laaaaazinessss! TV, nap, lunch, nap, football, nap, read NY travel guide, nap, cook dinner (Corn Chowder Soup with Cornbread muffins - see I told you I was on a roll with the cooking ;), TV, sleep.

And now it's Monday, and raining and I want to crawl back in bed for yet another nap, but it is Halloween Week so the anticipation should keep my spirits up!

And for a little more Monday morning fun... look who I found all cozied up in my pink snuggie this weekend:
Look's like someone needs a snuggie of their very own! ;)


  1. Ha! Mason and the pink snuggie are adorable! :) I also love the look of the stuffed poblanos.. yum! And congrats on getting a position to sub! That's so exciting!!! :)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad that you finally got the subbing position. That's so exciting. I hope you like working with the kids. My favorite time is recess because I love watching them play!

    Um, the food looks great!! I have to check it out.

    Ps--thanks for the sweet comment. i'm on my way!! I wish!

  3. Congrats on the subbing! That is so awesome!!!

  4. Congrats on the J.O.B. Oh, and you are so gourmet!! YUMMY! Love the pink snuggie shot too....

    PS...I get the "I married a crazy lady" look when I take pics of food too!

  5. ha! the snuggie pic is too funny!
    i just bought our pup one! cant wait for him to try it on ;)
    the food looks so yummy!
    and YAY for landing a position!! happy for ya girly!!