Buckets of Rain & Vegan Cake

Another rainy week in Dallas. Yuck! I'm starting to get sick of gray skies and the constant hair-frizzing drizzle. The weekend started out pleasant though. Mason's parents got in town and we went out for sushi (sounds like we are pretty obsessed with sushi huh? Well, we are... :). Saturday morning, Mason's mom, my mom and I headed out to Canton in search of new treasures for our homes. It was soo crowded! I guess there were hoards of people because the weather was perfect and it is the beginning of the holiday season stretch. I get slightly claustrophobic, however, when shopping in a crowded environment (I avoid the mall like the plague during Christmas!). Anyway, I got a few new cute things in Canton including some christmas garland for my mantle (never too early to start thinking ahead about Xmas decor ;), a cute new dress for fall and a few dip mixes. All in all a fun and successful trip.

Once we got back to Dallas, the rain started and followed us all the way to Weatherford where we went for Mason's 3rd cousin, Shad's, wedding. The rain didn't put too much of a damper on the wedding fun, however. The only hitch in the wedding was when the ring bearer accidentally lost one of the wedding bands. Ooops! All of the guests got down on their hands and knees and luckily we found the ring, without the Bride and Groom ever being the wiser! ;) Talk about a panic attack though, poor kid! After the ceremony, we celebrated with lots of family and many bottles of wine. I also even had my first taste of Vegan Cake (Shad's bride and her friends are Vegan). It wasn't too bad, I personally prefer my cakes with extra butter, cream and sugar though! ;)
After the wedding, we took our umbrellas and a few bottles of wine, over to a family members wedding for the "after-party". It was fun visiting with M's family.
The next morning we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast with his fam and took our pic on the front porch in the rocking chairs.
This has now become a tradition. We went to Cracker Barrel in Weatherford when we very first started dating, because Mason had brought me to his big family reunion during the summer of 2007!
Someday, hopefully, we will purchase these rocking chairs and grow old in them! ;)


  1. Adorable photos! I love the tradition of taking photos in the rocking chair... what a great/cute idea! Love it! :)

  2. what cute pictures! you are beautiful girly!!
    the cake looks yummy! i prefer the fatty kind as well ;)sounds like you had a great weekend!
    it's been rainy in MN as well, hope it stops soon!! ;)

  3. Love the picture of you two in the rocking chairs- adorable! :)

  4. awww you two are so fantastic in your rocking chairs! I hope you get to buy them :)

  5. I love your headband. What a mess about the wedding bands. The best man at my cousin's wedding tried to play off that he lost the ring. Too cute pics!

  6. I'm always very impressed with all the things that can be made vegan...I mean, how on earth do you make a cake without eggs? Egg beaters? But I think those are made of eggs...very perplexing.

  7. you two are too cute! I love the outfit you wore for the wedding :-) Vegan cake... can't say I've tried that before, and I know lots of vegan people; it looked real pretty though :-) Thank's for visiting my page. My hubby and I are trying to get adjusted to TX, but I think it will take some time :-) I'll be following you now!
    PS: this rain is driving me off the wall too!

  8. I am sure they would let you buy those amazing rocking chairs -- or maybe even for free :) Ya'll are so cute. We use to always stop in Weatherford when driving to Abilene .... ah the memories!!