Best Halloween Movies

Helloooo cable networks...it is Halloween week and you have not been airing very many scary movies to get me in the spirit of the season!! I absolutely love love looove scary movies! I'm not sure why... I must get some sick thrill out of being so afraid that I lock myself in my bedroom and sleep with the lights on. As a young child, my dad let me watch rated R movies like "Children of the Corn" and "Terminator 2"...ha, nice... but my real scary movie fetish began in the fifth grade when my best friend at the time and I would go to Blockbuster every weekend and rent every horror movie we could get our hands on. I mean I have literally seen just about every scary movie out there... Where was the adult supervision?? Anyway, I'm not quite the horror-movie fiend that I once was, but I still enjoy a good scary flick every now and then, especially around this time of the year. That being said, I have created a list of my favorite "must-see" (according to me) Halloween/scary movies. Here goes:

Ok, duh, that one is a given. But there really is no better way to get ready for the haunting holiday itself than by watching Jamie Lee Curtis running for her life from the indestructable Michael Myers, who breaks out of an insane asylum on Halloween night. I have seen every sequel of this movie and in my opinion the only ones worth watching are Halloween 1 and 2.

Practical Magic
Ok, this one isn't at all scary, but I still absolutely love this movie! Such a fun story about two witch sisters (Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock) who try to break a family curse that any man they fall in love with will ultimately die.

Pet Semetary
I once watched this Stephen King classic during middle school when I was spending the night at my friend's lake house on Lake Texoma...ahhh! So creepy! Ever since it has been a Halloween staple of mine! :)

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Another none scary movie....though Tim Curry as a transvestite might be frightening to some. This movie is just an all-time classic in my opinion and has the abs. best soundtrack.."..let's do the time warp again..."


Ok, scariest movie EVER award! This is a somewhat newer horror movie (2008) featuring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman (remember, that hot guy from Felicity ;), who become the victims of an awful attack by strangers merely because they were home and answered their door! I repeat: VERY SCARY, do NOT watch alone! Mason and I vowed (after seeing this in the theaters) that we would NEVER watch it again... we now own it, and I still couldn't sleep after the second time I watched it! Yes, I watched it more than once...because I am sick like that! ;)

and my all time fav. Halloween movie, cheesy though it may be, is........


I looooove this movie and it just never gets old, even though I have seen it about two hundred times! Every time it comes on the Disney channel I just can't stop myself from watching it! If I ever get a male cat I am soooo naming him Binx! ;)

And there you have it, my all-time fav. Halloween movie list! What are some of your fav. Halloween movies???


  1. Girl... I CANNOT watch scary movies. I'm like you in the sense that I will lock myself somewhere and keep all the lights on, but I just try to avoid scary movies to begin with. They freak me out too much! And I am serious when I say I am the biggest baby EVER! I do, however, ADORE Rocky Horror and Hocus Pocus. I actually just found HP on youtube the other day and watched it!! I love that movie, it is sooo good! :)

    The weird thing is, even though I am petrified of scary movies, I watched The Strangers with Mr. J and found myself laughing more often than I was being scared or spooked! I don't know why, but it was just sooo unbelievable. I mean, come on. They got beaten by guys when axes when they had a shotgun? Pff. :)

  2. i think the only scary movies i can watch come from the disney channel. all the rest of them freak me out!!

  3. The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! I am a wuss and can't do scary movies ;-)

  4. I love scary movies too! I was telling Reid the other day that I wanted to watch a scary movie. The only ones I don't like are the ones that are demonic. Those kind of freak me out! You know because that stuff is real. (hated Exorcist) Oh, I thought Hocus Pocus was super cute too!!

  5. Hocus Pocus is amazing!

    I love The Exorcist even though it really freaks me out everytime. I'll see pretty much any scary movie but I am avoiding Paranormal Activity...even though I love The Exorcist, demonic stuff really scares me already because I know too much about it...and from what I have heard about Paranormal Activity it is basically my biggest fear in movie form.