We Love Vampires (Unless They Live Above Us)

Last night we were supposed to go to the horse races again with Adrian and Sterling, but they ended up canceling on us. Since we were all dressed up with nothing to do, we decided to go see a movie. We went to go see Eclipse (Mason's choice, surprisingly). We are both Team Edward! Another surprise, I soooo thought Mase would be Team Jacob! Guess he's a lover not a fighter! ;)
Anyway, movies are such a freaking rip off these days! Our tickets cost $12.50 a piece!!! $2.50 more than normal because the movie was showing on some special screen. Looked like the same 'ol $hit to me, but whatev. Later, I ventured to the concessions to get a cup of water. I was willing to pay a little extra for a large cup, but they informed me I'd be charged the regular price of a large drink ($5.50)... um no thanks, you can keep your magic water... I'll go hit up the water fountain! Anyway, the movie was pretty good... prob the best Twilight movie so far!
So you probably thought we left the vampires at the movie theatres. Wrong-o my friends! I have neglected to tell you that we have vampires that live above us! Here are the facts supporting our theory:

1.) They are ALWAYS home during the day. (What no jobs?)
2.) I have only actually seen them at night.
3.) They are up ALL night.
4.) They are super loud, dropping things (dead bodies?) and clomping around back and forth on their squeaky wooden floors.

We all know vampires don't sleep. So our hours don't really mesh! We have been kept up many a night by their stomping about. Probably practicing for an invasion against the Volturi or something. Anyway, so this morning around 4am, they were up and at 'em as usual and at around 7am it started to sound like they were dropping bowling bowls on the ground! Well Mason had had it, so what did he ever so maturely do? Get a golf club and bang it on our ceiling. Great, Mase! While your safe at work, it's my blood they'll be after!! But alas, after a quick glance outside our window what do we see? A moving van, carrying the contents of our vampire friend's home out and away, perhaps a few coffins (?), not sure... I missed that part! But the point is... no more 3am wakeups for us! Even though we are vampire-friendly (I already told you, we're on Team Edward), we value our sleep too much! See you later suckers! Hope you're headed somewhere where the sun don't shine!


  1. Ha! It does sound like your neighbors are pretty strange! Happy Friday.

  2. Ha! What a cute post. I know what you mean about noisy people above you in apartments! I guess I'll have to go see that movie.