Cheese, please!

Mason and I had a great time celebrating our anniversary yesterday! Thank you guys for all of your sweet comments (especially the ones about my hair... ya'll are far too kind! ;).

It rained buckets in Dallas yesterday evening, but Mason and I still made it out to our dinner reservations at Simply Fondue! Mason had never had fondue before, so we decided it might be a fun, interactive date spot. I would probably not recommend it, however. It was just okay. The Melting Pot is a lot better, across the board, for fondue. Nonetheless, we still had a good time together!
Mason trying out the cheese fondue!
Grilling some of our meats and veggies
The best part of the meal by far, was dessert! We ordered the campfire fondue (mik chocolate mixed with marshmallows and graham crackers)! We even got to roast our marshmallows! :)
Then, after dinner came the really best part! PRESENTS!! :)
I got Mason a bunch of new shirts, but he really went all out!! He got me a new bottle of Valentino perfume... AND some Christian Dior sunglasses that I had been eyeing!!
Do you likey? They are a little bigger on my face than they looked when I tried them on at the store. So I'm still debating whether to keep them or exchange them for a less huge pair. What do you think?

I feel so lucky to have such a sweet and thoughtful boyfriend! One of my favorite parts of any holiday or occasion that we celebrate are exchanging cards! Mase is a great card-picker-outter and he always writes the sweetest messages inside! Yesterday's card alluded to some BIG moments to come in our future! I'm guessing that this will be our last anniversary celebrated as just boyfriend/girlfriend! Or at least let's hope so, haha! ;) Regardless, I'm glad to be with such a great man! What a great 3 years we have had!


  1. LOVEEE your sunglasses!! Too cute

  2. The dessert is my favorite part :)

    Love your sunglasses...very cute!

  3. I've never been to a fondu restaurant and have been wanting to! It looks so good!!

  4. Looks like such a fun night! I love fondu.. and those sun glasses are amazing!! He did good :)