Off to a good start!

Well it's getting down to the wire and my Summer is practically over. Today I went up to my school to check on the status of my room and to do a little lesson planning with a few of the other math teachers. While I definitely have lots and lots to do before I will even be close to ready, there was a lot of good news today that got me excited to start the year. Such as:

*Our school district gave all employees a 1.5% pay raise for this school year. Not a ton, but better than no raise at all!

*Another 6th grade math teacher was hired and apparently she is young, blonde and slightly new to teaching! Yay! A potential buddy for next year! :)

*Our school replaced it's contract with Coca-Cola to one with Dr. Pepper! YES! Diet Dr. Pepper in the vending machines now! Yippee!

*I will have the same schedule as last year: teach 1st-5th period with 6th and 7th off! I love getting all of my teaching over with and having the rest of the day to relax/plan for the next day!

*My room is sparkling clean and ready for some serious decorating! :)

Umm think there were a few other things but those were my main moments of joy today!

Here's hoping that this will be an AWESOME school year! :)


  1. Congrats on the raise! Any little bit helps!! Good luck with the upcoming school year!

  2. What great things to be happy about! I'd love to have your schedule too :)

  3. How fun! You should post a pic of your sure-to-be darling classroom. If that's not against the rules! :o)

  4. I never knew you were a teacher- me too! I teach high school English, years 9 & 10. LOVE it! Hope you had a fun summer xx

  5. Sounds exciting-- happy back-to-schooling in!! I spent all day working on my boards... exhausting but exciting!

  6. Sounds like everything is going great!! I have to start getting in there and cleaning too. Eww....I'm figuring out what my deal will be next year. Do you think it'll be super hard for me to get a job next year in TX? I was thinking about going to grad school if it didn't look good.

  7. What school district do you teach in again?! Exciting things!!

  8. When do you start? How's your classroom looking?