Cribs: My Closet Edition :)

Today I tackled my BIG summer project that I have been putting off for weeks...

Cleaning my closet!

It was getting pretty bad. Clothes were carelessly shoved into their sections, I was missing several items and I had to literally step on clothes lying in the floor to get to the back corners of my closet. It took me 4.5 hours to get it back in shape, but, alas... it is done!


It's no Paris Hilton closet, but it's definitely getting closer! ;) And yes I do separate my clothes by color, then by shirt length (strapless, sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve). Alicia Silverstone's ("Cher's") closet in Clueless has always been my inspiration.
Now I just need to work on getting a revolving closet and a computer catalog system of my clothing... a girl can dream! But for now, time for a glass of wine to congratulate myself on a job well done!


  1. Looks great! I organize by color too and it just makes it so much easier to find things to wear :) I'd love to have Cher's closet too!

  2. I love seeing other people's closets! You've inspired me to clean mine up and do a similar post!

  3. Looks good! I always wanted a closet like Cher's. I was so jealous when I was young!

  4. Want to come clean my closet??? Stepping on other clothes has become a normal thing in my house.

  5. Hi. I am new here. I love your closet. It has also inspired me to clean mine.

  6. GORGEOUSSS closet, I am jealous :-). Doesn't it feel like a whole new you when tidying?! I am ridiculously messy but feel awesome after a good clear out! xx