Vintage Friday

Hi friends! Happy Friday!

Don't tell anyone this... (especially NOT Mason), but I am starting to get a little bored sitting around at home all day. Probably because all of my friends are working, I have no pool to lounge by, and I have no money to go shopping with until September. *sigh*

Instead I have been finding all sorts of interesting things online... like this:

...a website that sells all sorts of vintage clothing (including wedding dresses), purses, accesories, etc. Again, I have no money with which to purchase these lovely items, but it is still fun to look.

Hope your weekend is splendid! :)


  1. What a fun site! Have a wonderful weekend girlie!

  2. Ohh know that feeling! :) That's when I discovered blogger

  3. Gorgeous blog Caroline! Very cute and pink, my kind of girl! Amazing vintage dress. I'll enjoy following you :-) xx