Celebrate Good Times!

This weekend we helped our friend Lezlie celebrate her 25th Bday! Friday night, we hung out at J Black's (Dallas' trendiest new bar ;)...

We seriously did not plan this color coordination, weird huh?
Me and some of the guys
Me with two of my best guy friends from college (shout out to John and Dustin!!) :)
Then on Saturday, we headed out to Lake Lewisville to continue the Bday festivities!

First thing was first, the Birthday Girl had to get "ICED"!
The whole party crew
All in all a fun weekend! Oh yeah, except on Saturday evening at 3AM Mason and I were awakened by a drunk driver crashing into a car on our street! It was parked right behind Mason's! His car ended up having a scratch on the bumper, but no big damage! The other car was not so lucky, especially since it was a hit and run! Craziness! Glad my car was parked in our gated parking section! Anyway... hope you all had a fun weekend too!


  1. Looks like you had a really fun weekend! Happy birthday to your friend! :)

  2. love that first pic! you all look so cute in your matchy outfits :)
    glad ya'll had a great weekend!!

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! Love y'alls coordinating outfits :)

  4. love the matching outfits! that is something my friends and i have done too!

  5. I love that the outfits match! Waht a coincidence!