Spring Breaks: Now and Then

There is nothing quite like a week away from alarm clocks, responsibilites and routine! Oh Spring Break, how I have missed you these past 4 years! It is soo good to have you back in my life! Here is a look back at some of the more memorable Spring Breaks during my college days:

South Padre Island, TX with my Delta Gamma pledge sisters (2003)
Let's just say that sending a bunch of unchaperoned 18 year old sorority girls to a Mexican border town might not be the best idea in the world... but oh what fun we had!
Cruise to Cozumel, Cancun, Belize, and Honduras (2005)
Booze Cruisin' through Mexico with about 30 of my best guy and girl friends in college! Great times! :)
Hawaii (2006)
A whole week in Hawaii with Tara, Brittany and Courtney! Trip highlight: a cute surfer boy taught me how to surf! Oooh lala! ;) While the wild and crazy, booze-fueled Spring Break vacays may be over, I am still ever so thankful for a week to rest and catch up on things that I have been neglecting (work outs, laundry, etc...). I just got back in town from Austin today. My mom and I took a mini-road trip to the ATX from Sunday-Tuesday to visit my godmother and just hang out. We did accomplish one MAJOR thing though. I picked a venue for my future wedding!! I found a place online and we went to check it out, just to see what it looked like in person and also got a full tour as well as an idea of pricing and stuff. I LOVED it! I am so sold! So if all goes according to plan, Mase and I will be getting hitched in good 'ol Austin, TX! You'll have to wait to find out where and when! And again... I realize that I am being way overly prepared by even thinking about all of this since we are not engaged quite yet, but I still like to think ahead and have things planned out in my head. Anyway, I'm super excited!

Ok, well for those of you that are on Spring Break I hope your week is full of rest and relaxation... and for you non-teachers I wish you a speedy, easy week! :)


  1. You've had some awesome past Spring Breaks! I never do anything but be lazy!

  2. I'm so jealous of all of your fun trips! Now that I'm out of college I know I can't afford to do anything like that. I also remember those days when I could drink and eat and stay skinny. Wow, those days are gone.

  3. Love the spring break pics :) And that's so fun that you've found a place you love for y'alls future wedding!

  4. I'm super jealous of your spring breaks- past AND present! My group never did anything beachy, and I really wish we had one year.

  5. I love the Spring Break pics! In college I went to Canada one year and Mexico another. I wish I still got Spring Break!