Going Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm not doing much to celebrate the holiday today. In Dallas, the big St. Patty's Day festivities are always held on the Saturday before the actual St. Patrick's Day. There is always a parade down Greenville Avenue in the morning and then in the afternoon Greenville is shut down so that Dallas peeps can walk aimlessly to and from the different bars and pubs that line the area while still keeping a green beer in their hands at all times. Last Saturday, our friend Blake who lives off of Greenville held his annual St. Patty's day party at his house. Nothing like a theme party, live music, and an unlimited supply of green-hued beverages!Mason even bought a new shirt for the occasion: Sorry, Mase.... no gold here... Oh and there also were a few celeb spottings at the party we were at, including:

Former Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars contestant and newly married Melissa Rycroft

and Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver, Miles Austin:

Throwing celebs in the mix always makes for a good time at a party! ;) Hope you're enjoying your St. Patricks Day and that you remembered to wear GREEN!! :)


  1. How fun! We have a parade this weekend too. :)

  2. My Texan bestie always goes to that. Sounds like a blast!

  3. Cute pics!

    Pretty exciting to have celebs at the party :)

  4. Fun! I didn't do anything festive this year and it makes me sad :(

  5. Love the new blog design!!! And you look super cute in the pics!