Back to the Grind...

Spring Break is over. *tear* I was absolutely dreading going back to school this morning. I'm not really sure why.... maybe I had gotten used to the freedom of waking up late, working out midday and taking cat naps every few hours. Oh the life... Such a tease, but the good news is that Summer is only 11 weeks away! YES!

So, today wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. The kids seemed half asleep for most of the day so no problems there.... andddd I got an email from our principal after school today asking if I would meet him during 6th period on Wednesday for an INTERVIEW!!!! I'm not sure if there is an actual position available or not. It may just be a preliminary interview just to put me in the hiring pool, but whatev... I'll take it! So FINGERS CROSSED for that! I suck at interviewing, but feel like this one will go a lot more smoothly then most since I already know the principal and am pretty much already in place in their school. Hopefully!!

Next on the agenda, my butt is throbbing. TMI? Maybe so... but Mase and I just got back from our very first ever SPIN CLASS and my, oh my what a workout it was. I'm hoping that it is just the trick to slim down this booty for bikini season....again, fingers crossed! ;)

Finally, did you peeps know that Gossip Girl is back on?!?! I was casually perusing the tv lineup for this evening when I noticed that tonight's episode was NEW!! What!?! Have I missed any others or is tonight it's first night back? OMG! What's the deal GG!?! To broke to advertise your season return?? Let's hope not. Anyway, have to go catch up with Blair & Serena now! Tata for now! Hope your Monday was marvelous! :)


  1. Girl, I do not know how I got out of bed this morning. I slept in until at least 10 every day last week! But, you're right summer break is so close!!

    Also, tonight is the third episode of GG this season. I missed the first one as well. Totally forgot!

  2. Good luck with the interview!! You totally have an "in"!!

  3. Yay! You have an interview. I know you'll do a great job. Hah! Maybe I need to apply at your school too!! Oh, btw I really was sick last week on my date. It was so random, but I got a terrible migraine mid-beer and had to get taken home, so I could take meds and eventually throw up..Ok tmi. (that's why I didn't write it on my blog.)

  4. Good luck with your interview!

  5. There have been 3-4 new episodes of Gossip Girl! It came back at the beginning of March! I'm so cracked out on gossip girl that it's just stupid. Sometimes I forget that the characters aren't my real friends.