Wedding Bell Blues

Ok, so remember a post I wrote a few months back, when I told you that I had selected my future wedding venue in Austin when I went there with my mom over Spring Break??

Ok, so the place where I was hoping to get married was this terrific, historical mansion, with a beautiful barn-like reception venue out back called the Barr Mansion. I absolutely loved it!
Such a unique, Austiny location.
Um, so guess what!?!?

It was struck by lightening last night and BURNED DOWN!!!!! To the ground!!!! Not the historical mansion part of it, but the barn/reception venue part!!
Are you kidding me?!?! Mason called me this morning to tell me the news! Is that supposed to be some sort of sign or omen for our future marriage?? Let's hope not.

The good news is that our wedding is a good two years out, because let's be honest...I'm still not even sporting any bling yet! So hopefully they had insurance and will be able to rebuild ASAP. Still so sad though! There were three couples that were supposed to get married there this week! Can you imagine?! Ugh and I feel so bad for the owner, we met with him when we took a tour and he was such a nice guy! Say prayers for the Barr Mansion! God works in mysterious ways!


  1. Oh no...that's horrible! It was beautiful!

  2. OH NO!!! That is terrible! I hope you still have time to get a new venue!

  3. Oh my goodness. That is terrible and crazy all at the same time.

  4. This happened to my friend who got married last weekend in South Carolina, but it turned out beautifully!!!

  5. Aww! Maybe by the time you want to get married something better will come along.