Paris H.

No, not Hilton! "Paris Hangover" by Kirsten Lobe, my latest summer read....
I've been growing a little tired of the same fashionista, socialite books that I usually read. I took a chance on this one, hoping it wouldn't be the same rich-girl tries to fall in love story and YAY.... finally something new with a twist. This book is trés chic! It's about a girl in her late 20's living in NYC with a fab job in fashion, a big-shot boyfriend and a seemingly flawless life, yet she yearns for adventure and decides to give up everything to live out her life-long dream of moving to Paris! This book is seriously so much fun and is a great beach read! I couldn't put it down! And though I've never had a huge desire to visit Paris, I'm dying to go now! Ooh, la, la!
And in case you were hoping for a little Paris Hilton action, there's something for you too. Here are some pictures from Miss Hilton's home:
Source: Esquire

Also, here is a clip of Paris giving a tour of her home to Access Hollywood last summer. LOVE her shoe closet! Barbie dolls in the bedroom, um not so much!

Ok, well that's enough Paris for one day! Enjoy! ;)


  1. I just added it to my Kindle -- woohoo!!

  2. Reading is so relaxing during summer break! I always try to get a book to read when we have a break. I can't do it when we're working though.

  3. Ooh, that book sounds fun! I'll have to check it out! Only Paris Hilton would have a throw pillow with her face on it, I love it!!!

    Super cute blog by the way! :o)

  4. Hi! Just came across your blog - Love it!! I actually just wrote about getting the iPad, and wanted some reading suggestions to download on it - I will have to look in this one, sounds awesome! Haha, and I am loving Paris Hilton's pink Bentley.. amazing!

  5. Sounds like the kind of book I need to read...adding it to my list!