Rewind: Mem Wknd 2010

I forgot to discuss my Memorial Weekend with you guys, so I will now interrupt regular scheduled programming to give you the low down on my most recent mini-vacay!

Where did we go???
Well, of course. It's where we go for ALL major summer holidays (memorial wknd, 4th of july and labor day). Why? Because it's fun. Why else? Because our friends have a pretty sweet house on Lake Travis that we quite enjoy!
See what I mean.

Anyway, so Mase, Cameron and I drove down from Dallas Friday evening and met up at our friend Cody's house. Cody had a new little friend to introduce to us...
Meet Lucille! Awww, I want a puppy, or a kitty, or maybe just a fish...

Then we headed down to 6th street to relive our college glory days! I even had a jagger bomb...or 3, to get myself re-acquainted with my college self! Woohoo! Doesn't take much these days to get Sorority Girl Caroline back in action! ;)
So after a fun-filled evening downtown, we load the car and start heading to the lake. We stopped at HEB in route to the lake house for some essentials... tanning oil, rafts, a keg... But, we didn't get too far down the road, because Cameron's car died. :(
Party over... Lots of ice melting and a keg becoming luke warm. We managed to pull into a service station, but they said they wouldn't be able to look at it until Tuesday at the earliest. Bummer. So Mase and I ended up having to book an impromptu flight home in order to make it back to work. :(

Our weekend wasn't a total wash, however. We were able to get in two full days of lake fun.
And I'm still rocking a pretty sweet tan from the weekend, which is slowly starting to peel away... nonetheless... another successful summer lake weekend! :)


  1. Looks like y'all had a fun weekend! I know how you feel about the fading tan :( I need to get mine back!

  2. Look how much fun---oh to relive the sorority days where you knew everyone in the bar, drinking and eating like it had no calories and somehow still rocking a sz 2 despite not exercising. Those were the days. Great swimsuit pic! :) I'm nowhere near brave enough.

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Enjoy your summer :)

  4. Love your blog...........new follower