Summer Lovin'

No, not the kind that Sandy and Danny sang about in Grease! I'm talking about a list of the things that I am currently loving right this moment.

1. Black and White. It don't matter if you're black or white. In fact, I'd rather you be both. I seem to be drawn to black/white clothing this season. Especially in tribal or interesting patterns.
2. My New Hot Pink Heels. Even Barbie would be jealous of my new heels that I just purchased last week! I can't wait to pair them with some black & white ensembles for a surprising pop of color. (My camera is not doing them justice... they are like NEON hot pink)!

3. My MacBook Laptop. I have never owned a Mac, and I still don't, but my new school kindly issued me a school MacBook to use over the summer. I LOVE it. It is so much easier to use than a PC. Once you go Mac you never go back! :)
4. Pretzel M&M's. Just when I thought there was no way M&M could out-do themselves they go and do it again, but this time with a crunch! The center of these M&M's are pretzels blending a perfect mixture of salty and sweet! Mmmm...

5. Getting to do what I want, when I want! Oh the joys of being a teacher with summer off! :) Just had lunch with Mason at the Frisco Ballpark, now headed off to go lay out by the pool! I intend to enjoy every last minute of my short, but oh so sweet summer!

Gotta run! TTYL! :)


  1. Yes black white and pink!! I was attempting to get a black and white patterned skirt with a pink cami to tie it together,but the skirt was too long and I looked frumpy. Got something similar though.

  2. I'm loving all these! I've never heard of pretzel M&Ms but now I want some!

  3. black + white + pink = my all time favorite color combo!!!

    so glad you are enjoying your summer :)

  4. Pretzel M&M's sound like HEAVEN!

  5. Like you, I love the black and white look, especially with pops of color! And like you, I also fell in love with a Mac just by chance. They are so much fun!