Fat Tuesday

I went the whole day without realizing that today was Fat Tuesday, until I logged onto Facebook after work and saw it as everyone's status. Man, I am getting old and boring! I used to live for worthless holidays like this... This is how I celebrate instead:

Me: What's for din tonight?
Mason: What do you want to do? I was thinking that last Totino's.
Mason: Idol and 16 prego tonight!
Me: Woohoo! Big night!

So enjoy your crawfish, beads and booze all of you Fat Tuesday celebraters! Mase and I will be eating cheap pizza and watching 16 & Pregnant! We are out of control! ;)


  1. I didn't think about it until this afternoon either - and yes it was facebook that alerted me. I think I'll go home - make a tutti fruity (frozen drink) put on some of the beads I go during my halloween trip to NOLA and watch 16 and prego as well! ;)

  2. haha! That sounds like our TV lineup too!

  3. Yipee! 16 and Preg! I am so excited! I don't know if I will stay up for it tho, I am lame like that.

    I made Weight Watchers Gumbo for dinner tonight to celebrate Fat Tuesday. It actually was good!

  4. ha, i love it!!
    idol was great last night!
    since it was fat tuesday calories didn't count, i indulged in a giant muffin for breakfast! hehe