"You Didn't Say I Could Have A Real Pony"...

...."You didn't ask". I don't know why but Mason and I LOVE this commercial. Seriously.
We walk around the apartment all day long saying, "You didn't say I could have a real pony" to each other...and of course we substitute pony for whatever it is we're talking about it at that moment. I'm really good at the pathetic little girl voice. Mason is working on his.

I'm also really good at the mad little girl face that the girl who can't ride her bicycle outside of the square gives.
See. ;)

Mason calls it the "Caroline face". I give it to him when I am mad.

Random post I know... but I didn't say you could have a real post. Ok, I'll stop! :) Happy Tuesday!


  1. haha I love those commercials, too! The faces those kids make...priceless.

  2. I guess I don't watch enough tv! I've never seen it.

  3. Ahhh I LOVE that commercial. I giggle everytime. I have a feeling I may start doing this too. Hopefully someone I say it to actually gets it.

  4. hahaha I love the bike commercial! And I love your "Caroline face" :)

  5. Ha! I love those commercials too. They never disappoint. :) And your face is spot on... he must know he's in trouble when you pull the "Caroline face" -- I'm positive I have something similar! :)