When life gives you lemons...

Er...or when a fellow blogger gives you a lemonade stand award?? You graciously accept! :) Thanks Cee.
To accept this award you must tell the blog world 5 random things about yourself and pass on the award to two deserving bloggers.

So here goes...

Random Fact #1: My fav movie of all time is Clueless. I know EVERY word. I can just about recite the entire movie from beginning to end. :)

Random Fact #2: I like to use Vanilla Rice Milk (the Rice Dreams brand) in my cereal instead of regular milk. I got this advice from a diet I have done before and I think it is super yum. Also, Alicia Silverstone endorsed this milk on Oprah the other day! "Cher" and I drink the same milk! OMG!! ;)

Random Fact #3: My BFF just got a FAB job at a super posh bridal salon in NYC! Score! I'm going to start selecting my dream dress asap. Congrats Lauren! :)

Random Fact #4: I recently purchased some 33 cent grandma knee high panty hose stockings to wear underneath my pants to work! I love them because they make my shoes fit more comfortably while not having to wear full-on panty hose. Wow, nerd alert.

Random Fact #5: I also recently picked out my future wedding date! I knoooooow.... I'm not even engaged yet. But don't worry, I have allowed enough time for Mase to pop the question and still give us plenty of time for a lengthy engagement. I'll let you know the date once he officially puts a ring on it. And for those haters out there, this does NOT make me psycho. Just prepared! ;)

I bestow this award to: Little Daisy May and Milltini
Thanks gals, have a happy Hump Day! :)


  1. I wear those grandma panty hose in the winter too! A bunch of my friends studied abroad in London junior year of college and they all came back with them. I guess they were walking in heels a lot in the cold or something. I thought they were so weird at first but they are awesome!

  2. Just found your blog, you are so not psycho, I have an idea in mind too and I'm not engaged yet either! Here's to being prepared!

  3. I'd be doing the same thing about my wedding if I were you. :) I'm honestly to the point now that I don't even care if I have a wedding; I just want the groom.

  4. Thanks for the award :) Hope you've had a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. #4 - totally me too! Thanks, Walgreens! haha :)

  6. WOOHOO!! Congratulations on the award!!

  7. I think good planning skills are essential for a good wife! :)