Germ Monkeys

I knew this would happen. It was inevitable. Especially due to the company that I now keep.

I am getting sick!!! Ughhhhhh! I hate feeling sick! Especially when it is sore throat sick!
And why am I sick? Because of all the little germ monkeys I encounter on a day to day basis. I try my best to wash my hands as often as possible and I use hand sanitizer as much as someone with OCD (thanks to swine flu, every classroom is stocked with sanitizer pumps)! Even still, my clean habits were no match for my dirty little students and their infestations. I think it is because I let them borrow my pencils. Every single day, in every single class period there is at least one student who does not have something to write with. Really? I mean that's about the only supply that you absolutely must have in order to succeed in school. And there is always some really "good reason" why they don't have one. So instead of having them sit there doing nothing, I loan them my pencil. Ewww.

I am soo going to invest in a 20 pack of pencils to loan out to students and wear rubber gloves when they are being returned to me.... or.... perhaps I should start wearing one of those swine flu face masks... Speidi made them look ever so stylish! ;)
For now though, I am going to chug some orange juice and rejoice, because I got called in to do a research study tomorrow for 1.5 hours that pays more than my entire day of babysitting the germ monkeys was going to pay! Yes!! :) Happy Early Weekend to me!


  1. The joys of being a teacher...and of course the germ monkeys. I know what you mean...I think the germ monster is on its way to attack me at the moment too! Enjoy your early weekend and get some rest.

  2. Yeah, I always get sick too bc it's just inevitable. :( High schools are the worst bc there are so many kids too.

  3. I'm sorry you're sick! And that picture os Speidi is just too much. So glad you pulled that one out of retirement because it never gets old!!

  4. Just wait until you are the classroom year round it's a joy! I think I am sick every other week.

  5. I knowwww the feeling. I swear it is every day that a student does something to transfer their germs right to me! YUCK!!!

  6. Germ monkeys haha! I'm going to have to remember that one.