My Secret Santa Sucks...

So at school this year, I decided to participate in our little Secret Santa gift exchange at school. If you chose to take part then you had to fill out a little fact sheet about yourself detailing all of your faves (fav snack, candle scent, things on your wish list, etc), and then draw someone's name to give gifts to. For the first two weeks you are supposed to leave little gifts for your S.S. every couple of days and then on the last day you reveal yourself and exchange a $15-$20 gift.
Many people told me not to participate due to some not so good gift-givers lurking in the halls. But I am, by nature, a participator. So I signed up.

Today my Secret Santa had this little joy delivered to my classroom:
That would be a floral, heart shaped matching ribbon necklace and earring set. Wow.

I laughed so hard I was in tears. I mean was this a practical joke? I hope so. God forbid someone actually think that this is fashionable or that I would actually consider wearing this? Geeeeezzzz! Stick to the list people!! It was filled out in detail for a reason! I'd have been happier with a Diet Dr. Pepper and some M&Ms! Can't wait to see what other fabulous gifts I have in store! I'll keep you posted! ;)

Sorry I sound like a Scrooge. Just thought this was too funny not to share! Bah Humbug! ;)


  1. Oh that's hilarious!

    I guess I'm being a Scrooge at school too...I decided not to participate in our Secret Santa!

    You'll have to share your other gifts!

  2. That's so sad but you have to feel sorry for whomever picked it out! They probably thought they were doing a good job. :(
    I remember one year my homeroom gave me a popcorn tin and some poinsettias from the whole class as my Christmas gift! I was appalled b/c all the other teachers got really great gifts...some hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards.

  3. Hi!! New follower here! WOW, nice :) lol

  4. Hilarious! We draw our names for Secret Santa tomorrow.... I love doing Secret Santa at school- but I have had a few "interesting" people be mine in the past too..

  5. We are starting Secret Santa this week at work and I'm hoping I don't get a dud for my Secret Santa!

    I'm your newest follower and your blog is super cute!