Rushing the Holidays

Don't you just hate that?

I don't! Well I used to, but for some reason this year I am like a giddy little kid waiting for Christmas to come! Could it have something to do with having a lengthy Christmas break right on the horizons? Perhaps. All I know is that I've caught the Christmas spirit early this year!

Look at my most recent purchases:
I even bought a red, ruffled coat for the season as well! I don't know what has come over me! I've also already purchased Christmas cards and gift bags for presents for my fellow teachers. And you better believe as soon as I take my last bite of turkey this Thanksgiving, I'll be busting
out the tinsel and stockings and decking the halls! ;)

Adding to my holiday craze, I am a member of the "Doo-Dah" committee at work (we do all the fun, social stuff for the teachers) and today we were planning events for every day in December! I am in charge of the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" contest! Easy, I'm already a pro at that! ;)
*sigh* I just love the holidays! Wishing these next two weeks would hurry on by so we can get to the good stuff! Anyone else have Christmas fever yet!?!


  1. I am for sure READY for Christmas. I keep asking if it's okay to put up the Christmas tree yet!! Haha I just LOVE Christmas and everything that comes with it!!!

    And you look cute pulling off 'tacky' Christmas sweaters! :)

  2. i LOVE that shirt, it's so cute!!!
    i have major christmas fever as well, i can not wait to get out all my decor and christmas tree!! i am ready to decorate like right.now. why do we have to wait?! ;)

  3. I just love the Santa shirt :) I'm going to order one soon!

    That's such a fun committee to be on!

  4. I am SO with you on the Christmas fever - I have it too! I simply cannot wait for Thanksgiving to be over (hubs refuses to let me put up the Christmas tree before then). Love the Santa shirt!

  5. I feel like Christmas comes earlier every year! I both love it and hate it. (Hate only because I don't want to start shopping yet!)

  6. Love it!! I have already bought a wreath and some reindeer for the new pad! :)

  7. Wow you are on top of it! I am getting into the CHristmas mood earlier this year for sure. I think it's becuase of all of the blogs I read :) I think the fact that it just started getting cooler in LA was holding back my holiday feelings. Now that it's no longer 100 degrees (like last week) I am starting to feel more Christmas cheer :D

  8. What a fun little extra job at school! I was always in charge of the work nobody else wanted to do! haha. I guess I'm ready for holidays...ugh..Every day is just dragging by.